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Cindy Leuty Jones grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, in a poor, catholic, inner-city neighborhood. Her family home was like living in a half-way house where the doors were never locked, troubled classmates, cousins, and friends found a safe place to stay, sometimes moving in for months, and dinner always included a mountain of mashed potatoes. Cindy has also lived in Chicago, Zurich, and now resides in Los Angeles where you can most often find her at the gym or in the ocean surfing.


A graduate of Kansas University Medical Center in respiratory therapy and biology, she worked in post-op, open-heart surgery. Her next career was by a chance meeting when she walked through a revolving door. A talent agent suggested she should try modeling, and with nothing to lose, she moved to Chicago to give it a shot. During her career as a model/actress, Cindy was featured in hundreds of commercials, catalogs, ad campaigns, and magazines. Looking for a distinctive career change, Cindy decided to attack the commercial real estate scene in Chicago. By her third year, she put together one of the largest real estate transactions, a half-million square-foot credit card processing center. Los Angeles beckoned, and she joined a firm that managed a large real estate pension advisory fund. She was the youngest and only woman partner at the time and was named by The Los Angeles Business Journal, “One of the Top Ten Rising Stars,” and in two following years, one of the “One Hundred Most Influential People in Real Estate.”


She married the love of her life and, for a while, attempted retirement. To Cindy, retirement was like being an unemployed type-A. She soon joined several charitable boards, did pro-bono graphic designs work, and organized dozens of nonprofits collateral materials into prosperous fundraising campaigns. Eventually, with her husband, they co-founded the Jack and Cindy Jones Youth Center. The center is a 9,000 square foot facility that houses the Boys and Girls Club of Mar Vista Gardens, a branch club managed by the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica. The club has over 600 kids signed up with approximately 140 attending daily.


Cindy is also an organ donor and organ recipient, an instructor in Animal Flow and Iyengar yoga, and does presentations on food, self-improvement, and nutrition. She enjoys many hobbies that include surfing, doodle drawing, photography, graphic design, writing, and making barbecue sauce. 


Jack and Cindy live close to the rest of the family and see them often. Jennifer, and her husband Joey; John, and his wife, Tara; and their kids, Sophia, Trevor, and Henry. 

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