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Below are samples of prepared presentations. ​


The Litte Decisions That Will Transform Your Life

The small but powerful changes that will help you form good habits to be your best.  


With over 60% of the population seeking help for physical pain and an unprecedented amount of antidepressants on the market, Cindy will answer the age-old question, “What does it take for us to feel good and be happy?” 


We’ll explore the needs that drive all human behaviors, from our physiological needs, need for love and belonging, our intellect, and our need for achievements and esteem. Why and how best to satisfy these needs, where to start on your own journey, and the Doable Lab Tips to provide a format for achieving your highest success and happiness. 



The greatest indicator of lifespan is not genetics, diet or exercise. It's lung capacity. In other words, how you breathe.

Did you know for every ten pounds of fat lost in our bodies, eight and a half pounds of it comes out through the lungs, mostly as carbon dioxide and water vapor. Not only are the lungs the weight regulating system of the body, how you breathe can contribute to a host of health benefits or problems. 


For example, habitual mouth breathing can decrease oxygen absorption in the cells by 18 percent. Approximately 80 percent of the population have some degree of sleep apnea/snoring which has been linked to cardiovascular, neurological and other degenerative diseases.


Making even slight adjustments to your breathing patterns can rejuvenate internal organs, stop sleep apnea/snoring, boost your autoimmune system, and even ease back pain by straighten your posture. Attend this seminar and you will never breathe the same again. 


How to get the idea out of your head and on the page?

Reaching for the stars means to set one's goals or ambitions very high; to try to attain or achieve something particularly difficult. 

Writing is a solitary experience. Looking into the abyss of a computer screen is terrifying. Like all daunting goals, it takes courage and guts to dive into the abyss—take the mountain of words rolling around in your head and throw them onto blank pages in a way that forms a book. 


In this presentation, you'll discover the process of writing a book and how the same techniques can be applied to any life goal.


From Seed to Supermarket

I have read all the books, watched all the documentaries, and done my own extensive research to put together a concise presentation on everything you need to know about your food, how it's grown, gets to your plate, and how it affects your health. 


With Diabetes, cancers, and heart disease on an exponential rise, our food chain is broken. You’ll discover the lies the food industry has been feeding us. How food allergies and imbalances in your gut’s microbiome can derail your health and weight loss strategy, the environmental impact of your dietary choices, and much more. You’ll leave with the 3 simple rules to set and maintain a lifestyle of health and abundant energy.


The innovation that changed everything

Prior to photography, images were shared through the art of drawing and painting.  Photography radically changed that with the invention of the camera and the creation of the first permanent image in 1826 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. Today, 350 million photos are uploaded daily on Facebook. Photography has changed our lives more than almost any invention of its time.  


With 50% of your brain's processing dedicated to visual imagery, come explore how photography has changed art, politics, fashion, history, and everything else about our lives.  We will explore some of the great photographic artists and how an image is a true representation of a moment in time that will never be again.  

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