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Little Decisions That Will Transform Your Life

Research shows the average adult makes a whopping 35,000 remotely conscious, automated decisions every day, with about 225 on food alone.


For most of these daily, little decisions, we could probably do much better.  

Through witty, inspiring stories, combined with decades of cutting-edge research, Doable takes you on an adventure through Maslow's hierarchy of needs to explore what motivates all human behaviors, the pitfalls that will trip you up, and the elements crucial to your success and happiness. 

Beginning with life itself, our physiology, you’ll discover the complexities behind the biological need for air, water, food, sleep, and sex. How better posture can fire your brain with more oxygen. Drinking water upon waking is more important than that first cup of coffee. How the food you eat can be the best form of medicine or the slowest form of poison and the science behind how to get a good night’s sleep. 


Next, moving outside the body’s physiological needs into our environment, you’ll discover how you can tame your outdated fight-or-flight mode alleviating undue stress and creating an environment of well-being. How being awestruck can instantly make you happy and why organizing clutter can lead to a higher mental process. 


Then into the consciousness where the mind is split between the rational brain and the emotional brain. How your decisions are driven by these two opposing factors and which one you should be listening to for what advice. How love and belonging are as crucial as the air we breathe and how loneliness can increase your risk of dying prematurely. You’ll also discover how our intellect is driven by our curiosity but can also be easily swayed by other’s opinions. And how logic and intuition influence all decisions in uniquely different ways. 


It’s all about how you approach those little daily decisions.


The moments that define you are not scheduled on a calendar but happen based on the choices and little decisions you make. Whether it’s to change your waistline or to change the world, Doable delivers the bite-sized practical advice that will transform your life. 


Written for the world today, Doable delivers the inspiration to create the life you love, claim the success you deserve, and free yourself to the brilliance you were born to have. 

This book is an entertaining one-stop-shop for inspiration and

life-improvement made simple, relevant, and doable. 


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